How to Grow Your Heat Printing Business

Learn about the “Good, Better, Best” selling model which can be helpful when approaching new markets with your custom printed apparel offering this summer. (Costs, prices and profits are estimated, will differ from region to region and are not guaranteed profits)

If you’re looking for new markets into which you can expand with your heat printing, embroidery or screen printing business, this how-to video is a re-cap of a live session that aired on May 16, 2019. Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the live broadcast, we are glad we were able to answer your questions about using your heat press. With a heat press you can print items for just about anyone but sometimes you get stuck in a rut or market that you do well at. You have several options when your business hits a plateau…you can either cross-sell different items to your current customers (sell more to same number of customers) or you can reach out to new markets. Jenna talks about all the niche market possibilities, including working with partners and offers ideas that may exist in your local community. For example, have you considered marketing to churches, synagogues, mosques or other religious organizations? What about family reunions or summer camps? Get inspired this summer with these ideas for people that need custom printed apparel. You will also learn more about using the “Good, Better, Best” approach to selling when approaching new customers. Your heat press allows you to print such a wide variety of items quickly and affordably, including items people may not know you offer.

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