How to Print on Hoodies and QuickFlip Apparel

Great ideas for printing on hoodies with your heat press and heat transfer vinyl.

Last week we talked about Location, Location, Location and today this video shows you how to heat print on so many locations when it comes to hoodies. Even more so because this video features a hoodie that turns into a backpack! If you watch the popular show Shark Tank you may have seen the episode featuring QuickFlip apparel. QuickFlip is premium outerwear that can be instantly transformed into a drawstring backpack. While that in itself is worth watching the video for, we will also show you ideas on how to heat print on any hoodie, whether it converts to a backpack or not. If you own a heat press, keep in mind that there are multiple locations that can be heat printed on sweatshirts and this video gives you ideas for all areas. So in addition to seeing a very interesting piece of highly versatile clothing, you will learn more about using heat transfer vinyl to decorate just about any item.

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