A Word About Hot Split Transfers

Transfer Express offers hot split ink technology that is so soft to the touch you have to feel it to believe it. Try it on your next custom transfer order.

Back in 1986 or so, when we first introduced the Hotronix heat press, one of the main reasons the press was so successful was due to the popularity of a new type of transfer called “hot splits.” (Hot splits were developed in the mid 1970’s by screen printers looking for a softer, lighter feel when printing transfers) Hot split transfers required more precise temperatures in order for the transfers to apply successfully and since the Hotronix was designed with accuracy and reliability in mind, it was the perfect press for applying every type of heat applied graphic, especially the then “new-fangled” hot splits. Hot split transfer technology has only gotten better since then and today Transfer Express offers hot split ink technology that has just about the softest hand you can get when it comes to transfers and is also softer than most direct screen printed shirts. Why? Because hot split transfers are plastisol ink transfers that are printed without adhesive, (most transfers are ink printed on top of an adhesive layer) instead using inks that will melt into the fabric giving the softest, lightest feel of our product line. Transfer Express’ hot splits are ideal for thin materials such as burnout T-shirts or other lightweight fashion wear.

HOT SPLIT TRANSFER TIP: Peel hot! There may be ink left on the paper after application, that is okay! Here is a video that shows you more about applying hot splits from Transfer Express.

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