Adding Names To Shirts

You can keep kits of lettering on hand or order for events. Pre-cut lettering kits are available in many material types and fonts.

If you own a cutter, you probably use it all the time to add individual names to shirts and team uniforms. But if you don’t own a cutter, you can still easily add names to just about anything if you have a kit of pre-cut letters on hand. Before we invented CAD-CUT materials (allowing you to cut your own names and logos in-house), pre-cut letters were the only way to go. They are still some one of our most popular products for many garment decorators. Kits of pre-cut letters are also great for events, such as heat printing parties, craft parties or sports events. Kits of lettering are available in many material types and font sizes. Just imagine how many more personalization sales you will have with the ability to print names on demand, with minimal labor and effort. You can quickly and easily add names to any item that fits under a heat press. There are two heat printing accessories you should know about when adding names using pre-cut lettering. The first is our Thermo-Tape. The second is our Pre-Mask. Just line up your lettering, tape it and transfer it onto your garment for heat pressing.

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