Arrival in Findley Ohio After the Storm

Tomorrow we are heading for the finish line in Dearborn, Michigan. Keep your fingers crossed that the Little Engine that Could will make it…Thank you for all your support on this Great, Great, Race.

We rolled into Findley glad to see that the lights were back on after a terrible windstorm that came through here last night put the town in the dark. The Great Race organization was prepared to go on, electricity or not, with their generators, but it wasn’t necessary since the power came back on at around 1 pm local time. We are truly in the home stretch now, keeping our fingers crossed that we will make it to the finish line, which happens to be in our own back yard–lunch tomorrow in Ypsilanti, Michigan and then on to the last checkpoint, The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn. If our luck holds, we will be in Dearborn around 2:30pm and if you are around and available please come out to see the end of this amazing adventure we have been on. Thanks to everyone for all your support. If you want to check out the latest photos, go to the Flickr feed at the top of the blog, click on The Great Race Photos. Thanks Greg for updating the photo stream.

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  1. John Tucker says:

    Hope to see you at the Ypsi Museum tomorrow. Have fun!

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