Be a part of innovation…be a beta tester for CAD-CUT® H2O

CAD-CUT H2O Original Wash on SuperSoft Tee

Having worked with garment decorators for many years, I know it’s the goal of many to have their heat printing look indistinguishable from direct screen printing. In my experience end customers (the folks that wear the garments) don’t care or even think about how their garment was decorated…they just want it to look good. In most cases, they’re not concerned with the printing method, just the results. In fact it’s hard to find someone who can tell the difference between let’s say a hot split transfer and a direct printed logo. But we understand. And we always try to meet and exceed the expectations of our garment decorators so that they can make their end wearers happy and satisfied. That’s what it’s all about.  And with more and more decorators using CAD-CUT materials to decorate, the demand for thinner, lighter, better, stretchier and most importantly–good looking materials keeps growing. Which is why we’ve introducing a new CAD-CUT material that pleases both decorators and wearers in so many ways. It’s called CAD-CUT® H2O and it’s engineered to give you printing results that can be directly compared to high-quality water-based direct screen printing. Josh Ellsworth does a great job of explaining and showing the new material on his blog, so I will refer you there for more information. You can create a wide variety of looks with this amazing new material.  Our testing labs at CAD-CUT Direct are still putting the new material through our rigorous testing process, but what’s even more valuable to us is your feedback. If you are interested in receiving a free sample and being a beta tester for this lightweight new material, click here for a sample.  There are only 200 samples being made available at this time. We would really appreciate your feedback.

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