Class Of 2017 T-Shirts

TransferExpressSignatureTransfersLooking for Class of 2017 t-shirt design ideas? If you want great designs that celebrate the class of 2017, Transfer Express has easy to use templates. We can also show you how to add typesetting, lists of student names to “class of” transfers or signatures. It’s easier than you think. The first video below shows you how to make a shirt that everyone will want to buy because it has his/her name on it. This type of shirt is also extremely popular for sports teams and all types of groups. Or add signatures. We have special signature layout templates. If you want to allow students to add their own custom signature to a shirt, Transfer Express can help. Just select a signature template design, print out the design, get the signatures and return the signed template back to us. It’s easier than it sounds and the result is a personalized shirt that no one can resist. Watch the second video below for more information.

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