EZ Weeder Beats a Safety Pin


If you are using a safety pin to “weed” or remove excess material while using CAD-CUT materials, you might want to try an EZ Weeder instead.

Last week I was visiting a customer who uses our CAD-CUT materials and discovered that there were a few accessories that would make their production process a bit faster and easier. I know everyone has their favorite tools and likes to do things their own way when in comes to decorating. However sometimes people don’t realize that there are accessories available. For example, they were using safety pins for weeding. It does work, but there is a better way. I will be highlighting accessories this week. There are several how-to videos online that show you how proper accessories can help you improve production time.

Stahls’ EZ Weeder is one accessory that can make the removal of excess material from cut designs much easier and faster. They are what we use here in our production facilities.

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  1. I wish the easy weeder tool had a loop on the end so we could hang it up and not lose it. 🙂

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