Heat Printing for the Pros at Stahls’ DFC

Stahls' Decorating Fulfillment Center or Stahls' DFC located in Masontown, Pennsylvania

After yesterday’s post about Stahls’ DFC doing the quick turn decorating for the NHL All-Star game this weekend, I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me, what’s Stahls’ DFC? Let me explain. It’s really not a secret, Stahls’ DFC is listed on the GroupeSTAHL website and they even have their own website. Okay, it needs to be updated, but it’s there.  DFC stands for Decorating Fulfillment Center and it’s a GroupeSTAHL company that creates customized licensed garments for  professional sports leagues, major garment manufacturers, arena stores, major retail stores and even online retail suppliers. DFC is great at helping clients find heat printing alterntatives to difficult decorating challenges–like in the case of the NHL All-Star Jerseys that needed to be decorated within hours of the game starting. It’s also one of the reasons I’m so sure that heat printing is becoming more and more prevelant as a decorating method, because DFC has many customers that insist on using heat printing as their main

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 method of decoration.  So while you won’t be able to order a custom jersey NHL All Star jersey with a player’s name until after the announcement of the teams on Friday night, when you do order it, it will be Stahls’ DFC that played a major part in making those custom jerseys available as fast as possible.

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