Heat Printing on Performance Wear

The online Sporting Goods Industry Newswire, SGINewswire.com, reported that net income for Under Armour(R) jumped in the fourth quarter due to strong apparel sales. If you’re looking for ways to customize performance wear, heat printing is an ideal and in many cases the ONLY option. Stahls’ has a wide range of choices for heat printing on performance wear, all of them proven and in use by major garment manufacturers. Since the trend is also towards full color, patterned numbers and letters, heat printed digital transfers are everywhere. Stahls’ CAD-PRINTZ sales are booming due to these two trends. If you own a printer/cutter you can use Solutions(R) Opaque, Air Tech or Solutions(R) Clear. You don’t want to ruin an expensive piece of performance apparel by using the wrong decorating method. Josh Ellsworth has written extensively in his blog about printing on performance wear and just about anything else you can imagine. 2011 is the year of heat printing.

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