How to Add Names and Numbers to Sports Jerseys


Do you want to see how to add names and numbers to sports jerseys? Add a name and number to a hockey jersey in just seconds with Stahls’ CAD-CUT ThermoFILM.

How to Add Names and Numbers to Sports Jerseys

Did you know you can add a name and number to a sports  jersey in as fast as six seconds? If you’ve ever thought about printing sports jerseys, all you need is a heat press. And Stahls’ Thermo-FILM numbers. Stahls’ Thermo-FILM is the world’s most popular numbering material. In fact, you probably can’t walk by a field or playing court without seeing Thermo-FILM numbers. They are used everywhere because they are trusted and proven to perform. Thermo-FILM is durable, easy to use and best of all, it can be heat pressed on in seconds.

Ways to Order Thermo-FILM

In addition, you can order Thermo-FILM numbers in a wide variety of ways. You can order Thermo-FILM numbers in packs or 10 digits or you can order a 170 piece kit of Thermo-FILM numbers in the font and size you use most often. Popular styles are also available in Easy Teams Sets which is just what you need for a team. It consists of 31 pieces – numbers 1-20 consecutively.

Many decorators keep kits or Easy Team Sets of numbers in the most popular sizes in stock in white and black. The most popular fonts are Pro Block and Varsity. But Stahls’ offers a huge variety of fonts.

What’s New in Numbers?

Stahls’ is the world’s largest supplier of team numbers for a reason. We have the best materials, styles, and service. Plus, the latest trends in numbering. It’s a fact, your customers want to look like the pros and they want to look like their favorite college teams. What’s one of the hottest trends in numbers right now? Perforated numbers. And you can order them in Thermo-FILM.

What’s So Great About Perforated Numbers?

First of all, perforated numbers are what you see on college and pro teams.

Secondly, they are breathable. These numbers are perforated completely through. This means you get the moisture wicking properties of a mesh garment right through the numbers. Other numbers don’t allow this all-over breathability. They are really great.

Step by Step Video

If you have a few minutes, watch the step by step video presented by garment printing expert Josh Ellsworth. He does a fantastic job of showing you just how easy it is to apply Thermo-FILM perforated numbers to a sports jersey.

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