How to Price Custom Printed Teamwear

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What should you charge for adding a name and number to a team jersey? What is the going rate for numbers only? For names only? Our team printing experts are asked these questions on a daily basis and we are glad to help you figure out what you should charge. Of course every region has its own set of variables when it comes to pricing. There are also competitors to consider. Whether you are in a rural or urban area, with or without competitors to deal with, everyone still has online competitors. We know it’s not easy and we know that your customers have budgets of all shapes and sizes. The most important thing is that you understand that there are decorating options for every pocketbook. If you own a heat press, you can offer your clients excellent pricing on custom team wear. You can beat or better the prices offered by screen printers when it comes to custom names and numbers. You can even print on performance wear, compression wear and many other sports-related items that screen printers or embroiderers can’t touch. Since we are often asked about pricing for team printing, we decided to put all our answers in one handy guide. Now you can download The Ultimate Guide to Sports Decorating Pricing. It’s not only a handy source for pricing ideas, it also gives you an overview on all the different ways you can customize team jerseys.

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