How to Print Monograms


Discover how you can grow your bottom line and your customer satisfaction ratings by offering the timeless service on monogramming on anything that fits under your heat press.

The classic look of personally monogrammed items truly never goes out of style. As simple as many monograms seem, there is an art to getting those initials to look perfect and professional. We can help. This video from StahlsTV shows you how to create the artwork you need using Cadworxlive and also how to cut, position, place and heat print monograms on just about any item you can fit under a heat press. If you have items you need to sell, try adding monograms to samples, which will allow your customers to see how transformative monograms can be. Basically, they make anything look better, whether it’s an apron, a t-shirt or a tote bag. Get your monogram skills in order before the holiday season is fully underway. Monograms are one of the easiest personalization upsells–just let your customers know you offer the service and watch requests for this simple customization service help grow your bottom line.

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