How To Print Popular Items

You can search by items you would like to print.

You can search by items you would like to print.

One way you can use is to discover trends and learn how you can capitalize on printing items you may not have previously considered. It’s easy to search via type of item. Whether you want to print T-shirts, bags, jackets, jerseys, hoodies or oversized designs, we have how-to videos to give you important application tips and tricks. Even if you have been printing for a long time, you might find new ways to increase productivity.


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  1. How can we print an aztec design all the way around a t shirt sleeve at the bottom? Do you think we could do a goof proof design, tape it on there, heat one side and turn over and do the other side?

  2. Hi Michaelle – My recommendation would be a digital transfer such as CAD-Printz. You can break this up into sections on a cap press and trim to size for each specific sleeve diameter. You’ll have to apply over multiple steps, but this is totally achievable. We will make a video on how to do it on Stahls’ TV and update with a link.

    Josh Ellsworth – Stahls’ TV Educator

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