New Heinz Ketchup Packets–Took them a while to Get the Message

Better late than package design for Heinz ketchup packets

Heinz Ketchup introduced their new ketchup packets this week, a new improved design that has been a long time coming in response to customer complaints. From a story I just read online, they introduced the old packets that squirt and are impossible to open back in 1968. Supposedly the complaints started coming in in 1969, so we’re talking over 40 years of consumers complaining about their packaging! Talk about a slow response time. The new packets allow for dunking and respond to requests from consumers for an easier opening package. I haven’t tried the new packages myself yet, but I would have to assume they are an improvement. What’s the lesson here? I guess we would have to say, better late than never. It certainly makes me want to take a closer look at things that GroupeSTAHL sells and see where we can improve them and make them more user friendly.

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