New Year, New Ideas

Excellent design placement idea on the elbows of the shirt, Toni Boyd.

Welcome to 2018! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and got some well deserved rest. However it looks like most of you kept very busy at the end of 2017, considering all the responses to our Show and Tell Saturday on the Stahls All Things Heat Printing Facebook page. It seems some of you never had a chance to turn your heat press off. There were so many shared photos of what you’ve been working on. I’m truly impressed at all your creativity and high quality work, you all know how to use heat transfer vinyl. We know that the demand for heat printing is going to continue to grow in 2018 and we are excited to be introducing some new innovations for you soon. Let’s take a second look at what some of you have been up to. Thank you again for sharing and please continue to do so.

Thank you Maria Casiano for this example!

Christin McDonald used Premium Print and a SparkleBerry plaid for this creative design.

What a great series from Meghan McGee.

Dawnn Ripberger shows us how to make the ultimate mom shirt.

Another nautical themed shirt from Heidi Riley.

This is a really fun design from Donna Carr.

Andy Gonzalez contributed so many shirts but I really liked this one. Great work Andy!

Spectacular use of Premium Plus by Travis Killough.

Greg Beaudini shows us the power of GlitterFlake on fan wear.

More excellent examples of spirit wear from Lora Pellman.

Here’s to a glittering bride’s shirt by Kelley Trautwein Waltz.

If it fits under your heat press, you can print it. Joey Macias shows several examples of his work.

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