Niche Ideas at Detroit Gold Cup 2012

A scary moment at the 2012 Detroit Gold Cup Races this past weekend. The driver was rescued quickly and is okay.

Last weekend I had the chance to once again witness the Detroit 2012 Gold Cup Hydroplane races.  The sound of those boats is something that both excites and recalls old memories. I guess it’s in the blood. During this event, one scary situation, when three Unlimited Hydroplanes, all within a few feet of each other headed into a turn.  The middle boat, the U-22, flew up in the air and blew over landing on its bottom. The driver was rescued quickly and is okay. I am very familiar with the perils and thrills of Detroit River races. As a member of the Spirit of Detroit Association, for 25 years I was captain of the Medical Boat that was present on the  Detroit River for the hydroplane races. It was great fun to be around this electric atmosphere once again, without all the responsibility this time. I also had time to people watch, which for me is really t-shirt watching, since I am always looking to see what kinds of graphics are on people’s t-shirts.

The colorful logo for the 2012 Gold Cup. Glad to have been a part of this thrilling sports event this past weekend. There’s nothing quite like the sound and thrill of the powerful hydroplane boats.

There were custom t-shirts everywhere, not just with the full color logo of the event, but with all kinds of custom printing. The major trend once again, as I have previously noted about shirts seen on folks viewing the Great Race, is full color. Also like the Great Race, this type of event is another example of niche markets that are out there, yours for the asking. You are the expert on events in your area, and now is the time to start researching ideas where you can be more involved next year with printing or offering on-site custom printing.

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