Printing NFL Draft Jerseys for 2020

Nike NFL jerseys were heat printed in advance of the 2020 NFL Draft. Team names are added with Stahls’ PermaTwill no-sew twill. Personalized jerseys will be sent to each player after the results are determined.

Going back to 2012, Stahls’ has played a role in helping create heat printed jerseys at the NFL Draft. In past years, we’ve partnered with Nike, working backstage to print jerseys featuring each pick’s name. Our team would be set up in a secret room with a Hotronix heat press and all the Nike jerseys. During the live event, one person would get the information via headset as soon as the pick was determined. We would have prospects names already prepared and cut out and as soon as we got the info, the name would be heat printed with a Hotronix heat press. Last year in Nashville, fans were invited to walk the jersey out to the stage to hand to NFL Commissioner Goodell. Of course this year, none of that is happening. The 2020 NFL Draft, which was originally scheduled to take place in a big way in Las Vegas, is now being broadcast from Commissioner Goodell’s basement in New York. There are no fans, no crowds, no live events. The whole process will take place virtually, online, with everyone involved communicating from different locations. One thing that remains the same though is the jerseys. On behalf of Nike, we did supply the NFL Commissioner with a #1 jersey for each of the 32 teams represented in the Draft. The plan is for Mr. Goodell to hold up the jersey as each pick is announced. And as soon as we have the names, we will be printing a personalized jersey for the newly drafted NFL player and shipping it directly to him. So the tradition of Stahls’ heat printing the personalized NFL draft jerseys continues for the ninth year, even though we are a lot further away from the action than we usually are. Good luck to all the teams and prospects. We will get through this!

Stahls’ worked with Nike to create #1 jerseys for each of the 32 NFL teams participating in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Thanks to Paul, Joe, Kristy and everyone who worked on the project for helping to get all 32 jerseys printed and out the door to Commissioner Goodell this year. We use PermaTwill for the team names.


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