Stahls’ Manufacturing and Engineering Ice Bucket Challenge

After being challenged by Daniel Stahl and Jan Starr in the recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Brian Elliott and the team members at Stahls’ MEC or Stahls‘ Manufacturing and Engineering Center located in Chesterfield, Michigan, responded. The video speaks for itself. Thanks to everyone who participated to help raise money for ALS. Hope you are keeping cool this Labor Day Weekend! This is one way to do it!

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  1. Jay Dupuie says:

    Great job Brian, wish I was still at MEC to have been part of this great fund raising challenge. My challenge is this Sunday in Port Huron at the Great Lakes Maritime Center at 2pm, so far 35 of us, for the Michigan chapter,, your welcomed to come and you can be my dumpee.

    Jay E. Dupuie

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