5 Easy Steps to Starting a T-shirt Business

Do you want to know 5 easy steps to starting a T-shirt business?

There’s never been a better time to start a T-shirt business. Just follow these 5 easy steps to starting a T-shirt business.

Today, it’s possible to print professional, custom t-shirts in your garage, spare bedroom or living room. You can even do this in an apartment!

Heat transfers help anyone print t-shirts like a pro without a huge investment. 

All it takes is a quality heat press and a smart phone or computer.

  • No art skills required!
  • You don’t have to be a business whiz.
  • 5-minute learning curve—so simple!

Get Started with Heat Transfers

What are transfers? Transfers are designs printed in reverse on a release paper. You place them face down on a shirt, on a heat press. Close the press, peel the paper. And presto! Transfers are the quickest, cleanest, easiest way to print a shirt.

When applied with a heat press, transfers look and feel fantastic. And you can easily print dozens!

5 Easy Steps

  1. Create your Own Design

It’s great if you already have an idea or existing artwork on your computer. You can upload it to have a heat transfer made. No art skills? No worries! Use a free online designer with layout templates. Customize a template in minutes with stock art, fun fonts and shapes. Then select your colors, choose your size and order your transfers.

  1. Order Your Transfers

A heat transfer is your artwork, sized for a shirt, printed with high quality inks. Custom transfers ship in a few days, and arrive ready to apply to any apparel.

  1. Buy T-shirts

Order blank t-shirts, tanks or sweatshirts. Yes, you can use shirts you have or buy from a retail store, but if you want a dozen or more of the same color, in different sizes, ordering wholesale or from your transfer supplier can save you money. Keep in mind that you have to be flexible. There are also suppliers such as Jiffy Shirts who make it easy for anyone to buy wholesale shirts online.

  1. Heat press transfers on shirts

You can press your shirts in as fast as four seconds per shirt! Simply follow the application instructions for time, temperature and pressure which come with the transfers. Sometimes there is an extra transfer included for practice. It’s a lot of fun to press and peel away the carrier. So magical! Once applied properly, you will have a professional quality t-shirt that can be worn and washed for years. Where do you buy a heat press? Which heat press should you buy? Good advice is to always get the most expensive press you can afford. Here is a great blog on how to choose the right heat press for your business.

  1. You’re in Business!

See how easy transfers are to use? With transfers, you can bring any design to life and print shirts like a pro. There’s no mess and no clean up. Print on demand, quickly and profitably. Your custom shirts are ready to sell for a healthy profit.

See for Yourself

Order your free sample kit from Transfer Express and learn more about the beauty, brilliance and quality of screen printed transfers.

Helpful Community

You’re not alone! Here are some great resources for customer service help and links to maker groups.

Heat Press for Profit Facebook Group

Stahls’ Transfer Express Facebook Page

Heat Printing Learning Events


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