Be Ready for Any Custom Shirt Order

Print any shirt, any quantity in just minutes with pre-cut lettering and numbers.

One of the biggest benefits of owning a heat press is being able to print custom shirts on demand. You can say yes to any size order, even if it is just one shirt and they need it immediately. This is especially true if you offer the service of custom team jerseys. There’s always that coach or that player that needs a shirt the day before a big game. One of the worst things ever is when a kid doesn’t have a jersey and the rest of the team does. Talk about feeling left out. Did you know you can offer “emergency” heat printing services by having a few kits of pre-cut letters and numbers in stock? You can add a name or a number in just minutes. If you want, you can even charge a “rush fee.” Even if you normally use Player Perfect names or cut your own names in house, sometimes it’s just faster to use pre-cuts. You don’t have to invest in a lot of inventory, just having black and white on hand is usually enough to get you by for most situations. Pre-cut letters and numbers are also the most economical way to print team jerseys. Plus, they are available in materials that can be permanently heat applied to any fabric, as well as specialty styles such as Glitter or Reflective. If you need more information on how to use pre-cut letters and numbers to print shirts, this short video will answer most of your questions on the basics. All you need is a heat press.

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  1. Liz Lemmon says:

    Hi Ted,
    Letting you know what a great experience A3 Graphics has always had with Stahl’s tech support.
    Tom and Pat are the best. They are always courteous and have always solved my issues even though my press in ancient. If we ever buy a new one it will be from Stahl’s. We are a mother – daughter owner shop and in a small town.
    Thanks for Stahl’s being here for us.

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