Don’t Forget Your VectorCut

I like to try to keep up with what people are talking about in industry forums and blogs and have been noticing that people are talking about, but it seems like there is some confusion about how to output to your cutter after creating the art online. In fact, I just responded to someone on this blog (in the post “Create the Art You Need for Free”) who asked the same question. You can read my answer in the comments section of that posting. Basically, it will depend on the type of the cutter you own, but you will need to upload our free cutter-driver, VectorCut to output the designs you create on You can find answers to most of your questions about by visiting the website–there is a great FAQ section. And remember, if you are not a customer, you can still get a FREE 60-day full-access trial membership. You can register for your free membership by visiting or calling 800-478-2457. Good luck and enjoy the amazing new features.

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