Heat Print Ideas for the Holidays

Looking for holiday gift ideas to create using CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyl? We’ve got them!

Looking for heat print ideas for the holidays?

If you own a heat press, you are ready to create custom holiday gifts. Many of the custom apparel special effects your customers want for the holiday season, think GLITTER AND FOIL— are only possible using CAD-CUT materials. Heat transfer vinyl is still the quickest, easiest way to add personalization or monograms to a huge variety of items. We have all the heat print ideas you need for the holidays!

In 2022, we published a great article in How to Make it in the T-Shirt Business fall issue. It was written by Sarah Gulock and discusses many different ways to use CAD-CUT special effects materials to make the season bright. Here are some excerpts and photos that were included in the original article.

Take Your Holiday Heat Printing to the Next Level

By Sarah Gulock

The leaves are changing colors and the weather is getting crisper which can only mean one thing – it’s time to kick off holiday decorating! Brighten up your holiday projects this year with textures, patterns, and unique finishes that you can only get from special effect heat transfer vinyl.

There is so much fun and creative potential using special effect HTV. Easily incorporate effects such as glitter, holographic, or reflective to add eye-catching elements to any design. These fun and unique materials are perfect for adding holiday cheer to apparel, accessories, home décor, gift boxes, cards, and more! All you need is a vinyl cutter and a heat press.

Here are a few different types of special effect HTV materials that you can use:

And many more special effects materials you can’t create or duplicate with any other method.

Sarah shares ideas on holiday decoration.


Personalized Christmas tote made with CAD-CUT HTV

Create your own custom placemats with CAD-CUT materials and your heat press

In the same fall issue of How to Make It, there’s another article by Stephanie Briske, Holiday Gift Ideas.  

It talks about using the Stahls’ Vinyl Designer and CAD-CUT vinyls to make your holiday gifts more special. There are so many great ways to use CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyl at this time of year!

Looking for even more ideas? Download your free copy of Stahls’ HOLIDAY LOOKBOOK FOR HEAT PRINTERS. 

You can create all types of personalized gifts using your heat press.

CAD-CUT Foil makes this sweatshirt merry.

Monograms with CAD-CUT Flock are a great alternative to embroidery, especially on sherpa.

For even more holiday heat printing ideas, visit Stahls’ website and Stahls’ blog. 

From everyone at Stahls’ and Stahls’ Transfer Express, we wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving holiday. We are grateful for all of you!

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