How To Heat Print Hoodies

You may want to consider nudging your design lower than you would on other garments to allow print to show when hood is down.

Hoodies are always one of the most popular pieces of apparel for all ages and all sports. Heat transfers are an excellent choice when it comes to printing hoodies because you have so much more flexibility with design placement, as well as customization. If you need help in purchasing hoodies that you would like to customize, here is a link to a blog from Transfer Express on the topic of choosing hoodies. This topic deserves its own article because there are so many different types of hoodies and some of them are trickier to print than others due to the location of seams and pockets.  One really great thing about hoodies is that they have a lot of possible printing areas. There are ways that you can print on a hoodie that can really make it stand out. Transfer Express has written several blog posts about printing on hoodies, including  Unique Transfer Placement on a Hoodie and another info-packed blog called Customize Hoodies Using Transfers. More recently, Transfer Express published a blog on Printing on the Back of Hoodies. There are several things you need to take into consideration when printing on the back of hooded sweatshirts, because you have to remember the hood can be worn up or down. When the hood is down, it could cover some of the printed design. When the hood is up, it opens up a secret space that you can also print on. When you are writing up a job for customization on a hoodie, here are some of the questions you may consider asking your customers during the order process:

  • Do you mind if part of the design is covered by the hood?
  • Will the meaning of the print be changed or made unreadable if the hood is down?
  • What is important for you to be able to see?

The Transfer Express blog on printing the backs of hoodies goes into further detail about how to place your design.

There’s a hidden surprise when the hood is up! A great additional logo placement idea.

Another great tip, consider printing the name at the bottom so that it’s never covered.

For more photos, tips and detailed how-to information, please read the Transfer Express blog post on printing hoodies.

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