How To Order Custom Monogram Transfers

If you don’t own a cutter and want to use your heat press to create custom monograms, Stahls’ can help you create it and cut it for you. Stahls’ now has a Designer feature that is perfect when you need one or one hundred pieces. That’s right. Order size can be as small as one piece. One monogram, one custom name, whatever you create in the designer. This new online designer is unique to Stahls’ and is so easy to use. Once you try this service, you’ll open up a whole new world of personalization opportunities. Think about all the holiday gift items you can now personalize with this quick, affordable and easy to use service. This video, only about 2 minutes long, is worth every second of your time. You’ll learn how simple it is to create and order custom monograms for your customers. When your order arrives, all you have to do is heat apply. If you’ve been looking for someone to help you create and cut custom logos, in quantities as small as one piece, all you have to do is visit Stahls’ website.

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