How To Print a Pop-Up Canopy

Hopefully you had a personalized canopy to shield you from the sun on Aug. 21 for the eclipse.

If you’ve always wanted to try heat printing a pop up canopy, it can be done if you have a heat press and the right heat transfer vinyls.  You may need more than one person to make the job easier, but you can probably handle it on your own if necessary. Personalized pop-up canopies are in big demand from schools, organizations, booster clubs and even fans themselves. A canopy with a team’s name is the perfect way to show everyone around how much school spirit you have. They are also important for protecting players from the elements, rain or shine. Many teams have more than one, so you might want to offer discount pricing on multiple orders. To see if it’s something you would consider heat printing, take a look at this short video from Stahls’TV and Josh Ellsworth.

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