How to Sell More Shirts in 23 Days –Day 12

Opportunities for custom printed shirts are everywhere...even at the local donkey races.

Hope you all had a great summer weekend. No matter what you were doing, I’m sure you saw people wearing t-shirts. Hopefully they were custom printed. If they weren’t, that’s another opportunity for you! Hope you had your business cards handy and were busy passing them out. Speaking of events where they could have used a few custom printed t-shirts, Dave Wheatley pointed out an unusual event to me where it appears no one was wearing custom printed shirts. It was Donkey Racing, featured in the Aug. 4, 2011 Wall Street Journal. Maybe you saw the article….and I thought I was different because I enjoy tug boat racing. Hauling Burro: Donkey Racers Make Stubborn Bid for Recognition In Colorado, Sport Aims for ‘Official’ Status; Nester Tries to Run Mr. Bradley Off a Cliff

The video on this link is great.





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