How to Sell More T-shirts in 23 Days–Day 11


Choose your tagline carefully...being the world's greatest at something isn't always what's important to your customers. Some may get the joke, others might not find it amusing.

This tip was inspired by something that happened to me this morning. While waiting at a red light, I glanced at the truck next to me. The truck was funny looking because it didn’t have a door on the driver’s side, just a pole that was supposed to keep the driver from falling out or something. While that in itself made me smile, after reading the side of the truck, I started laughing out loud. “World’s Greatest Gardener” was emblazoned in fancy, old world type. No door, but behind the wheel sat the world’s greatest gardener. Good luck with your business kind sir.

The sign reminded me of an old joke–here it is as best as I can remember: “While walking down the street, a man sees a sign that says “World’s Best Butcher”. He is impressed. A bit further down, he sees another butcher shop with the sign, “Best Butcher in the Universe”. Must be better, he thinks to himself. A few doors farther he sees yet another butcher shop. This sign reads: “Best Butcher on this Street”. This is where he decides to buy his meat.”

Hopefully you see where I’m going with this. In your quest to tell people who you are and what you do, make sure that what you are saying is relevant to your customer. Who would call the “world’s greatest gardener” if they thought they didn’t have a “garden?” Maybe you just need your lawn mowed, or want someone to design a new landscape along your driveway. Is this a job for “the world’s greatest gardener?” Before you go and put that catchy name or tagline on your front door or your delivery truck, take some time to think about it from your customer’s perspective.  What do you think?

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