How To Sell More T-shirts in 23 Days–Day 23

This advertorial for the Pointe After in Grosse Pointe Michigan does a fantastic job of reinforcing their message. "We're in the business of helping you look good while cheering on your favorite professional or college teams."


Even if you’ve read all my suggestions over the past 23 days, and believe that you actively market your business and work your customer base on a daily basis, don’t fall into the trap you think that EVERYONE out there already knows who you are, what you do, what you sell. If you’ve been following along the past 23 days, you should have a good idea of what your niche is, who your niche markets are, what you can do that you’re not currently doing, how you can serve customers better and faster, and how you can really make sure your unique personality or the unique personality of your business comes across in everything you do. If you’re saying, Ted, I do everything you say and I’m still not selling any more shirts, all I can say is keep doing what you’re doing. Repetition is the mother of success and it is crucial that once you determine the right message, the right personality and have the right team, that you keep telling your story over and over and over again. Last week I ran across this article in the local paper. Usually referred to as an “advertorial” because it looks like and is written like editorial copy but it is really paid for by the store featured. The Pointe After is a local Grosse Pointe, Michigan store that has done an excellent job of telling people what they do, who they are and what they have to offer. Please take a closer look at this excellent example of getting your story out. Hopefully they will continue promoting this message because it sets them apart from competitors and gives people a reason to shop at their store. Take a look at what they have to say. (if you click on the photo it should become large enough to read) Good luck to all of you as you continue in your efforts to sell more shirts. I am not going anywhere, I will continue to give you ideas and encouragement. If you have any feedback on this series, please let me know. All comments are welcome and appreciated, as always.

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  1. Steven says:

    Great articles 🙂 has helped alot. Have you considered releasing a PDF with all 23 days together as a downloadable guide? I’m going on a roadtrip and it would be a great read on my iPad. (I can PDF it myself, just giving a suggestion though)

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