Mark Venit Book in the Works

Mark Venit, Ted Stahl and 1967 GTO

Mark Venit stopped in for a visit in St. Clair Shores last week. He had some clients he was consulting with in Michigan and decided to drop by between appointments. For the past several months, in addition to his consulting work, Mark has been busy downloading his marketing experience in the decorated apparel industry into written form. Yes, he’s writing a book!  We’ve been encouraging him to do this for some time, and now it’s closer than ever to becoming a reality. At Stahls’, we’ve always been big proponents of education within the imprinted sportswear industry, with workshops, how-to articles, online information, how-to vidoes and nowadays, webinars. We’ve always thought we could teach people how to make it, but that’s only half the battle. We know you also need to know how to sell what you produce. Mark’s has been channeling his inner marketing guru and putting that in book form. I’ve read the Table of Contents and a few of the chapters and I know already that this will be a valuable resource for anyone who sells custom t-shirts or any type of promotional item. He has asked me to write the foward for the book, and it will be my honor and pleasure to take part in this publication in this way. As soon as we know more about the publication date and where you can get a copy, we will let you know. There is no other book like this available in print today, so I know it will be a huge success.

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