The International Language of Heat Printing

Interview by Scott Fresener with Karin Bellinghausen at FESPA 2010 in Munich, Germany

Just received an email blast and clicked a link to check out Scott Fresener’s blog. While there, I saw one of his FESPA interviews at the Stahls’ Europe booth with our own Karin Bellinghausen. I must have been out of the booth at the time. Sorry I missed you Scott! Karin has worked with GroupeSTAHL since 1987, and since she speaks fluent German, she was able to communicate with booth visitors who are  more comfortable doing business in their own language. Almost everybody speaks some level of English in Europe, but it’s normal to want to communicate in your native tongue. We have many multi-lingual speakers on the Stahls’ International team, but as Karin points out, these days it seems like everyone understands the international language and importance of heat printing.

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  1. Ted;
    Sorry I missed you in Munich. We could have smoked cigars. I told the story that you and your partner in crime Tom, got me hooked on cigars a few years back. I am now addicted to “Acid” Cigars (no not the drug) from Drew Estates. Nothing like a sweet smoke. I would like to do a Skype interview with you whenever you are free.
    Take care,
    Scott Fresener

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