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Register to attend StahlsTV upcoming online  2017 seminar on heat printing trends. It's free!

Register to attend StahlsTV upcoming online 2017 seminar on heat printing trends. It’s free!

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start investigating some of the trends in apparel for 2017, to make sure you will be ready to handle requests from your more “fashionable” and trend-setting customers. We will be publishing our own list of trends for 2017 soon, but we would also like to pass on information from other industry experts. ASI Counselor’s Magazine published a few trend predictions for 2017. One article, Pastel Coloring Isn’t Just for the Spring Season by Sara Lavenduski, quoted SanMar senior designer Vicki Ostrom, saying:

“Athleisure is becoming a staple trend, and with these more streamlined silhouettes, fabrics can be bolder, while colors remain muted,” says Vicki Ostrom, senior designer at SanMar (asi/84863). “We’re seeing more heathers and more textured fabrics in the pastel palette, and the ombré trend fits here as well.”

An Counselor earlier article on wearables trends by Christopher Ruvo, also indicated a strong trend with heathered fabrics.

Counselor Magazine also published another article by Tonia Kimbrough on the trend of wearable tech accessories, such as laptop bags and touchscreen gloves. These are items you need to be able to personalize and you can do this easily with a heat press.

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