Adding Numbers to T-Shirts

adding numbers to t-shirts

Adding numbers to t-shirts is as easy as position and press with Stahls’ pre-cut numbers. You only need to buy as many as you need. Very simple to order and use.

How do you add numbers to t-shirts? The fastest, easiest way is with Thermo-FILM pre-cut numbers. Anyone can do it. It takes only seconds. The most cost effective way to buy them is by purchasing kits of numbers. The kits contain 177 digits. But if you need fewer numbers, you can purchase the pre-cut numbers in packs.

All You Need is a Heat Press

It’s easy to start adding numbers to t-shirts.

1. Put your shirt on your heat press
2. Pre-press your shirt to remove moisture
3. Position your numbers adhesive side down
4. Cover with cover sheet
5. Press for 6-8 seconds
6. You have a finished shirt!

The Most Popular Numbering Material in the World

The numbers shown in the video below are made from our patented Therm0-FILM number material. It’s the world’s best selling film for numbers, names and more. Why? Because it is tough enough for all sports and it lasts and lasts. Plus, Thermo-FILM is designed to resist low-bleed dyes in fabrics such as the polyester jersey, unlike most other standard films. Basically this means your white numbers won’t turn pink when you heat press them on a red shirt or team jersey.

Say YES When Someone Needs Just One

One of the best things about owning a heat press is being able to say YES to any size order. Even if they just want one shirt. It simply isn’t profitable to start up your screen printing press to make just one shirt. Your heat press is another story. You can profitably print any number of shirts with a heat press. You can build an entire business around printing custom shirts on demand. It usually starts with printing numbers. Find out how to add numbers to t-shirts by watching this short video. Stahls’ has a complete library of free ebooks that tell you everything you need to know about heat printing for fun and profit. For more information on learning how to start a t-shirt business, download your free copy of the Ultimate Guide to Starting a T-Shirt Business today. 

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