How to Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit

How to Print T-shirts

Discover more about the business of printing t-shirts for fun and profit by reading Make IT Magazine. Read online or sign up for a subscription.

Print t-shirts for fun and profit

Have you ever dreamed of starting a t-shirt business? Do you want to earn some extra money in your spare bedroom, garage or basement? It can be confusing knowing where to begin. The heat printing experts at Stahls’ and Transfer Express have gotten together to share their experience and knowledge. Introducing a new magazine How to Make It in the T-Shirt Business.

Make It is a fun and educational resource for anyone who wants to heat print and sell t-shirts for profit. The debut issue features 40 inspiration filled pages you can read online.

Here is a quote from a t-shirt entrepreneur who reviewed Make IT magazine

I just got finished reading the magazine. I really wish it had been around when I was first starting out! Almost every time I thought of something that could potentially be in an issue, it would pop up on the next page or two. 

Printing T-Shirts for Fun and Profit

First of all, there are so many different ways to print shirts, so many styles, so many ideas. Are you thinking about sublimation or DTG? Do you own a cutter? Have you always wanted to try using transfers?  Make It magazine focuses on the art of heat printing. It shows you all the ways you can print shirts using a heat press.


In addition, this info and FUN-filled magazine is dedicated to help you say YES to any t-shirt project. Whether you want to make one shirt or more than one. The Spring issue is filled with amazing inspirational photos, step-by-step tutorials, checklists, calendars and much more.

Are you ready to sell shirts and make money?   

Discover how you can take your passion for creating custom t-shirts and other items to the next level. Make It will show you how to organize your home-based t-shirt business, start selling online and much more.

Real Life Success Stories

You’ll also meet other people—just like you—who have started t-shirt businesses and are finding success. Learn from fellow heat printers who have walked in your shoes.

Lean Logo Formula

Another Stahls’ publication debuted last week as well. During our Unleash the Color online learning event, Josh and Zach Ellsworth introduced their new book, The Lean Logo Formula. If you want to read about how you can grow a business around a heat press, this book gives you the numbers. Take a look at this free, online flipbook and learn more. I’ll review this book in another blog, but you don’t want to miss it.



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