Printing Jerseys for the NFL Draft

How do we print the NFL jerseys during the draft? Stahls’ cuts and preps each draftees name in all the team colorways. Names are heat pressed on as soon as the pick is called. What do we use? PermaTwill and CADPrintz PermaTwill transfers with permanent adhesive. It doesn’t need to be sewn. You can order this from Stahls’ for your uniform decorating needs.

Stahls’ has been helping the NFL and Nike with heat printing jerseys for the NFL Draft since 2012. And even though things were a little different last year, we still played a role in helping newly drafted players eventually receive their jerseys. A Hotronix heat press is truly the star behind the scenes. It’s called a “Dream Steamer” by some people because once the name goes on the jersey, new dreams are coming true. We use Stahls’ PermaTwill and CADPrintz PermaTwill to get the names ready. We can also cut names like this for you if you want to help your school and leagues look like the pros.

Printing Jerseys for the NFL Draft in Cleveland

This year, the team from Stahls’ Decorating Fulfillment Center will work with Nike again behind the scenes to deliver jerseys. Here’s how it works, from the heat press to the hands of the commissioner in under two minutes. We’re very excited to be there live, in Cleveland from April 29th to May 1st, to help make the magic happen. In case you ever wondered how we do it, watch this recent TikTok video posted by CBS Sports. It does a great job of quickly explaining the process.

@cbssportsPlayers getting a jersey with their name on it is one of the coolest additions to the NFL Draft. ##fyp ##foryoupage ##foryou ##nfl ##nfldraft♬ original sound – CBS Sports

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