The Right Stuff for Heat Sensitive Fabrics

Learn why you should choose CAD-CUT Premium Plus heat transfer vinyl for your next heat printing job.

We are already getting rave reviews from you on our newly introduced  CAD-CUT® Premium Plus™ Heat Transfer Vinyl. It’s still the same great, soft-hand CAD-CUT material you know and appreciate, but now it’s available in more colors and you can choose from both high and low-tack options. You can count on Premium Plus to decorate heat-sensitive items since it applies at a low temperature. It has a silky matte finish and remains soft and stretchable always. No wrinkling, no worries. How to choose between the high tack and low tack version? Choose the low tack version if you’re printing larger designs. You’ll want high tack for more detailed designs. You’ll also experience that high tack peels hot, which allows for quick production and no distortion of your design, especially on stretchy fabrics. This new, Premium Plus is available by the roll and also in Pre-Cut Letters and Numbers. If you are  interested, you can find some availability of the original version while supplies last on the Premium Plus clearance page. 

This video featuring Josh Ellsworth explains everything you need to know about CAD-CUT Premium Plus Heat Transfer Vinyl. It’s only a few minutes long and will answer any questions you may still have.

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